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Greeting from the president (CEO)

The company in the business for 40 odd years with the Japanese craftsmen
Rigidly committed to "Made in Japan" and manufacturing with full-hearted spirit.

What a resource-poor country Japan can be proud of is "high technology" as a national strength.
However, foreign companies have been actively acquiring the Japanese companies with high technology in recent years, and we feel the national strength has been declining by the outflow of human resources and technologies to outside of the country. In addition, when we consider the present circumstance as increasing of price gap with foreign products more and more, it seems small and tiny manufacturers must survive with their own independent efforts.

In such transformation period, Obitsu Plastic Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been rigidly committed to "Made in Japan" by changing its main business from manufacturing/export to domestic manufacturing/distribution for toys during the past 40 odd years or approximately half a century since the company establishment.

A metal mold of slash molding as our main molding method can be manufactured by approximately 1/6~1/8 cheaper than a metal mold of injection molding, and it also can be manufactured in short period of time. We aim for a theme as "We manufacture a toy with high degree of perfection by slash molding" by utilizing its advantage and character.

While major toy manufacturers have been continuously shifting the production to overseas and their subcontracting manufacturers lose their jobs or change/close their business, our company continues manufacturing the products domestically for protecting the domestic manufacturers and craftsmen's life.
In the slash molding industry, the production technology of "Obitsu" has been highly evaluated to lead the industry with the products such as crafted soft vinyl toys that can be manufactured only in Japan, small quantity production of original character products for individual brand or figure models, and "Obitsu Kewpie" as a longtime seller product.

Among those products, the development, manufacturing, and distribution of "Obitsu Body" as a doll with freely movable joints expanded the user's interests for figures and dolls. "Obitsu Body" with various patents eliminates copy products from overseas and creates jobs for craftsmen. It has already acquired the intellectual property right in the US, EU countries, China, and South Korea and our customers in the world recognize and enjoy the products through Internet.

In addition, we structured a new business model for survival of the Japanese soft vinyl industry at this time.

While the dilapidated molding furnaces, built by bricks 40-50 years ago with using propane gas as heat source, have been abolished or the number of the molding furnaces has been declining every year, we succeeded the design/development of the first large molding rotary furnace with using electric power in the industry that contributes CO2 reduction and energy saving to earth-friendly environment. This large molding rotary furnace can mass-manufacture the products for lower price such as for unprecedented figure dolls, outer skin for robots as widely attracting attentions at present, and large display products to replace FRP.

We will succeed the production technology of slash molding to future as a pride of local industry in Katsushika/Tokyo, believe in succession of the analog technology as a road to survival for small and tiny domestic manufacturing industry, and design/develop secure・safe・high quality new products with craftsmen of slash molding.

You can count on Obitsu Plastic Manufacturing Co., Ltd. that rigidly commits to "Made in Japan" from now on.

Company profile

Name of company
Obitsu Plastic Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Head office
4-14-8 Kanamachi Katsushika-ku 125-0042 Tokyo Japan
Telephone: 03(3600)2561 (Main)
FAX: 03(3608)7745
4-4-10 Kanamachi Katsushika-ku 125-0042 Tokyo Japan
Telephone: 03(3600)1771 (Main)
5-8-3 Kanamachi Katsushika-ku 125-0042 Tokyo Japan
Date of establishment
Private limited company / November 1 1966
Date of establishment
Incorporated company / May 1 1970
At the time of establishment / 3 million yen
July 1986 / Capital increase to 11 million yen
Price per share / 500 yen
Outstanding shares / 22,000 shares
The president (CEO) / Saburo Obitsu
Executive director / Mitsuyo Obitsu
Executive director / Shizuo Matsui
No. of employees
30 employees
Main Bank
Resona Bank Kanamachi branch
Nakanogo Credit Union Kanamachi branch
Fiscal term
April (Once a year)

Corporate history

November 11 1966
The company was established in Tokyo (5-8-3 Kanamachi Katsushika-ku) for the purpose of exporting toys and stationary products.
May 1 1970
The company was incorporated as an incorporated company in accordance with the expanded business scale.
The company was awarded as a contributing company for export by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry.
The company was awarded as a contributing company for export by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry.
July 1972
The warehouse was constructed in Tokyo (4-14-8 Kanamachi).
December 1976
The first building with three stories for head office was newly constructed in Tokyo (4-14-8 Kanamachi).
March 1980
The second building with three stories for head office (warehouse/work place) was newly constructed in Tokyo (4-4-10 Kanamachi).
April 1984
Took up a position of the representative for the commercial credit cooperative of Katsushika.
The factory became an approved manufacturing factory in accordance with the Business Act for Electrical Appliance and Material by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry.
Took up a position of the executive board member for Japan Plastic Toys Manufacturers' Co-operative Association.
April 1997
The 30th establishement anniversary / Award for the long-service employees
June 2000
Establishment of the Website
April 2004
The company received the award of new product as an excellent new technology for small and medium-sized company.
Name of the awarded product/ Obitsu Body
Introduced a large rotary molding furnace. Only our company introduced the furnace in Japan.
It is a molding equipment with generating less amount of CO2 for earth-friendly environment.
December 2010
The website renewal

Introduced by Media

The corporate introduction was published as a top manufacturer of soft vinyl industry, garage kit, and figure products in Jump magazine of Shuei-sha, Hyper Hobby magazine of Tokuma-shoten, and other magazines.
April 2004
The company article was published in Shitamachi Jokei (Downtown scenery) in Yomiuri Newspapaer.
November 2004
The company article was published in “the Yano venture report – Ask a question of business manager (Yano Research Institute Ltd.)”
March 2005
The article was published in Senken Business Tankou (Foresight business report) of Senken-Keizai magazine.
May 2005
The company article was published in CURRENT of Sangyo-shincho.
March 2006
Association of Risk Management / Information magazine for risk manager
Business risk management
The special feature article (4 pages) for corporate interview was published.
July 2007
Nippon television – TV program “Tensei Shingo (The cast: Mr. Shingo Katori and Caeen)”
Broadcasted the scene of figure production in our company.
TBS TV program Weekly Asahi Journal
Broadcasted the company visit of Asakusa kid and Mr. Katsuei Hirasawa.
February 2010
2009 Katsushika Brand Obitsu Plastic Manufacturing Co., Ltd. became cartoon for the story of factory in Katsushika-cho.

The quality of Obitsu Plastic Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Obitsu Plastic Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a craftsmanship company.

Rigidly committing to “Made in Japan” since the establishment is to improve the technical strength by fostering craftsmen with succeeding the technology as a competitive edge against a low cost production overseas.

There is no employee with a title of “sales” in our company because all of our employees hold a technology as craftsmen and many customers visit our company to seek for Obitsu’s technology without executing sales activity.

We transform a quality to a product with higher dimension for responding to various customer needs by executing from product design to molding, painting/assembling, and inspection in our domestic factory.

It presents what Obitsu Plastic Manufacturing Co., Ltd really is.

What is Obitsu Kewpie?

It is an original product that has been consistently manufactured in domestic production since the establishment of Obitsu Plastic Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The product has been widely popular as a doll for hobby and toy in Japan and exported to all over the world.

With the unchanged spirit from the initiation of the company establishement, we will be manufacturing Obitsu Kewpie that continues to attract many people beyond times and countries from now on.

Wholesalers and Retailers

Dear Wholesalers and Retailers,Thank you for your interest in Obitsu!

We are currently inviting international wholesalers and retailers who would like to carry fine selections of OBITSU products through your company.

To those who are interested in : l Selling ‘Obitsu Body’ and ‘Obitsu Kewpie’ which are the highest qualities and truly ‘Made In Japan’ to other retailers or individual collectors.

Please contact us by email for terms and conditions as well as pricing.Also please note that Obitsu does not have an ‘agency’ or ‘distribution partner’ agreement with any specific company.You are welcome to enjoy the direct purchase from the original manufacture, Obitsu, and its customer care.

Please click below (or contact us by the email) to learn more about the wholesale purchase and make an application. Please note that this is for business dealers only, but not for individual collectors.

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